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Ceramide by W- Beauty Grows.
It is well known that hair is subject to disastrous effects on a daily basis. The
weather, be it sun, dry air or humidity, sweet and salt water exposure and the ever
present pollution deprives the hair of its natural strength, flexibility and glamour. And
let us not forget the various chemical treatments we put our hair through.
After laborious research and a comprehensive study of the natural properties of the
rich herbal world of the Galilee, we found Ceramide. The series is based on new and
unique formulas combining the Ceramide ingredient, enhanced with natural oils and
essential vitamins.
Ceramide by COCOCHOCO is a comprehensive system developed for treatment of
damaged hair, each product in the series focuses on a different aspect or problem.


About The Ceramide Ingredient

Ceramide is a perfect natural solution for restorative action, as it yields the ability to
merge spaces between the cells of the outer shell of the hair shaft. This unique
process reinforces the protective layer of the hair, restoring damaged hair and
strengthening weak hair structure.
Ceramide acts as ”cement", allowing the hair to reestablish its cell cohesion and
protecting the fine fiber structure. In addition, it strengthens the hair by sealing in natural
moisture. providing that coveted silky touch.

Ceramide. R represents the alkyl portion of a fatty acid.

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